Bone spurs and sore feet | SHOES-n-FEET—Solutions for your foot pain

Bone spurs and sore feet | SHOES-n-FEET—Solutions for your foot pain

September 11, 2009 - 9:34am | JB says:

Peggy,It sounds like you are having some difficulties that do not sound too much fun.I can give you a few ideas of what to look for in footwear.These are just suggestions since I would need to see your foot to really make a recommendation.

The New Balance 768 is built on a PL/SL 1 semi-curved last (The last is what the shoe is built on).What does that mean?The PL/SL 1 means that it fits narrower and shallower than their other shoes, built on a PL/SL 2 last.With the spur/bump on your joint you want to have enough depth in the shoe so it does not put pressure downward on the big toe.The semi-curved fit is intended for someone who has a high arch with a little bit of pronation (collapsing of the arch inward).

With out knowing what your arch does it makes it difficult to recommend shoes for you.

General shoes characteristics I would think of for someone with your problems are:
1. Wide enough in the toe box
2. Deep enough toe box
3. Stiffer forefoot (where the shoe bends in thefront) having a forefoot rocker might take some pressure off of the ball of the foot, by not allowing the toes to bend as much.

For more specific information about the right shoes for your feet visit one of our Certified Shoe Fitting Specialists at your local SHOES-n-FEET store.

I am wondering if others have additional suggestions for Peggy?

Best regards,

SHOES-n-FEET -San Francisco

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